04 Removing roof fabric from bows

The roof “bows” can be devided in two types: the sliders and the “pushers”. The sliders slide in the rails, the pushers push the ragtop in nice bows when it’s opened.
The slider bows have a little pocket sown in the ragtop where the ends of these bows fit in.
The pusher bows don’t have that, they are just resting under the ragtop. In my pictures you see two pusher bows where the ends on the drivers side are put under the flap on the edge of the ragtop. This is incorrect.

The slider bows are attached to the ragtop, the ends sit in the little pocket and the bow itself is attached by fabric folded around the bow.
The pusher bows are not attached tot the ragtop, they are only attached to a slider bow.

The roof is glued to the last bow with velcro. That’s the bow just above the rear window. The velcro is where the rear of the headliner attaches to.

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