07 Lifting the frame off and removing roof fabric

I lifted the frame of the car, with the help of my oldest daughter (15). You need two people to lift it off, because of its size. The weight is not an issue, it’s pretty light.

I put it upside down on the floor, so I could remove the ragtop fabric.
On the rear, there is not a “pocket” sewn into the fabric, like I thought it would be. But the sides are just flaps folded over and glued to the frame. Just as the rear lip, it’s folded over and glued to the frame.
I always thought the rear lip was sewn to the left and right flaps.

Also note that there is a hole in the frame behind the left and right flaps for the cable that runs along the roof fabric.

The fabric was pulled loose from the glue using pliers. This went fairly easy.
All that work just to pull those pieces loose from the frame… It’s a shame they didn’t find a different solution for attaching the fabric to the frame.

Anyway, maybe you will notice I still have the masking tape on the roof of the car. I will leave there until I put the frame back on. This way I can place it exaclty as it was before. There is some movement in the frame when it’s loose.

The ugly cuts (“hack-job”) behind the rear windows bothered me. So I used a cutting wheel to cut of the sharp messy cuts they did when opening the roof.
Not really needed, but it looks a lot better now, and there is less chance of cutting my fingers when working on the roof.

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