10 Disassembling, cleaning and painting the bows

I dismantled the bows for painting and replacing the push bars.
When removing the bows I labeled every bow with a number (stamped into a piece of aluminium attached with baling wire), so I can put them back into the same order.

I used a wire brush on an angle grinder to clean of the old paint and rust from the roof bows, to prepare them for paint.
First i wanted to leave the brackes that glide in the rails on, but then I noticed a couple were loose, so I took them all off. I also discovered there was some rust underneath some off them, so it was a good decision.
And they can be easily attached again with pop rivets ( I hope).
I also removed the headliner brackets from the “pusher roof bows”, it made cleaning them easier, and I can remove the rust under them too.
I noticed these headliner brackets are left or right specific. The brackes also have a “L” or an “R” on them.

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