22 Closing the roof for the first time

I installed the front white interior panel, so I could install the latch for the closing mechanism. I put some foam on the car where the plastic edge touched the car.
The paint was damaged there because the panel rubbed against the car.

Then I installed the closing mechanisme to the front aluminium bow.
Then, while holding the close-button, I closed the roof by latching the latching mechanism and push the lever up. Closing the lever took a lot of force, and it made a very loud bang!
I read that this is normal for convertible/ragtop roofs when the material is renewed. I also read that now the roof needed to be kept closed for a couple of weeks to let the fabric stretch to the shape of the car.

The closed roof looks good, and the tensoin in the middle of the roof felt “right”, not to right and not too loose.
There are light “loose” spots on the sides, and there are two folds from when the roof was stored that are still visible. I am hoping this will become better with time, when the roof material starts “working” because of driving and temperature cycles.
But overall I am quite happy with the result!

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