Dismantling Engine Lid Lock

This page will explain how to dismantle an engine lid lock, so you can change it to accept your ignition key. There’s a trick to unlock this enigma..

This will be the victim of this experiment:

On the side of the lock there is a small hole, in the hole you’ll see a very very small screw. You will have to press the button of the lock to see the screw appear:

This picture will give you an idea of the smallness….:

Now, put a small screwdriver in the slot where normally the key goes, like this:

Try to lift the button, you will see that this way you remove the key-cylinder:

And there it is! If you know how, this is a very easy job… :

You’ll probably notice that some of the copper blades are missing…. I brought this lock to a lock smith a long time ago (aprx. 10 years..) . He made it to fit my key, but he cheated! He just removed some of the blades he couldn’t get to fit right.
Making your key fit in a lock is very easy, just puzzle around with the small copper blades until your key fits. Maybe you will have to file of some of the copper blades. It’s handy to have another lock from which you can exchange copper blades.

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