24 First drive!

Because the beetle was late for it’s two-annual inspection, I did not install the headliner yet, but drove it without to the safety inspection. It passed!
Luckily it was a beautiful day, because the roof is not water-proof in the front yet. This is because of the missing headliner. At the front of the headliner there
is a aluminium strip on with a rubber is mounted. This rubber is needed to close off the roof at the front.

It’s now januari 2019, and we did have some nice open-roof rides! A few weeks after the safety inspection we opened the roof for the first time. It didn’t open and close very smooth, we needed
to help the roof a little. But after a closing and opening the roof a view times it went smoother and smoother. Apparently the bows and fabric had to settle a bit.

The headliner is still not in, we have to order headliner material and copy the original roof.

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