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This website is all about my 1973 Volkswagen 1303 S (in US: Super) beetle.I like doing modifications to it. My goal is not to make it the fastest beetle in the world, but my aim is only to make it more driveable and low on maintenance. The modifications must make the car more fun to drive.

(filmed during a holiday in “das Bergisches Land”, a region in Germany)

One of my modifications is a roof/rear window spoiler. It turned out, more people liked this spoiler, and asked me to create one for them to. So I am now producing and selling this spoiler:

VW beetles with Gerrelt spoiler

Click here for more details.

See the menu on the left. There you can navigate to the pages where I describe the switch to an Alfa Romeo engine, and some miscellaneous modifications like LED lights, rear anti-rollbar etc. The modifications not (yet) documented are:

  • glassfiber standard width fenders
  • glassfiber front decklid, original shape
  • glassfiber rear decklid with louvres
  • one piece windows
  • Volkswagen Polo front seats
  • 3 point safety belts in the front and in the back
  • electronic rear pop-out window
  • temperature and volt gauge
  • thicker front swaybar
  • front strut tower brace
  • lowered aprox. 4 cm in the front, and aprox 1 cm in the back
  • ATS alloy wheels

Furthermore you can find some VW beetle related documents in the menu on the right, which you may find interesting. And there is something about my VW beetle history.

My beetle was also used in a dutch television program, Blik Op De Weg. See: Youtube link to episode .


  1. Hallo was kostet der Schöne spoiler?? Passt der nur auf 445 Scheiben oder auch die 405 heckscheibe?? Würden sie auch nach Deutschland versenden? Gruß Gregor

  2. Hello – it really looks great, what you have build. Congratulations. I really like the sound, better then VW or Subaru.
    How are your experiences whith fuel consumtion? Could you get a green label for it?

    best regards


    • Hi Karsten,

      The fuel consumption is now around 1 liter per 13 kilometers, no matter how hard I drive it. Which is not bad, it’s better then the stock VW engine.
      We don’t have “green labels” in the Netherlands for oldtimers, so I don’t know.


  3. Hi, I’m interested in the roof spoiler and followed a link for shipping but I honestly couldn’t understand the shipping rates and would like to know how much much would be the total shipped to the US. I’m giving you my email.


  4. Hi.
    I have an Alfa 1.7 16v engine that I would like to install into my ’71 bug.
    I just wondered if you could help with what parts I would need for the conversion?
    I am based in the U.K. so I’m not sure what would need to be shipped in etc.
    Also, do you know if the rear valance will fit back on, or whether it needs relief cuts around the cam covers?
    All the best,

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