Changing the Gearbox (ratios)

edit 22-07-2007: Started cleaning the other gearbox a bit.

Man, what a mess it made! All this mud mixed with gearbox oil went everywhere. I discovered I have to transfer the nosecone of the current gearbox to this gearbox. This gearbox has the old-style front gearbox mount.

edit 15-08-2007: This week I started to take the beetle apart to change the gearbox. I started with this:

Than with a plan-off-attack (in dutch):

It’s even prioritized!

I took the engine out:

And after that the gearbox:

I had to transfer the nosecone of the original AT gearbox to the AM gearbox:

The front gearbox mounting is different.

Both nosecones off:

And the AT nosecone on the AM gearbox:

Now I have to put it all back in.

edit 19-08-2007: When I was ready to install the AM gearbox, I noticed that the clutch levers where different:

The one on the left is the AT gearbox, the one on the right the AM. Notice that the AT lever is longer! And the throw-out bearing axle is thicker too. After I put the engine back in I noticed that his shorter clutch lever caused the clutch to operate a little heavier.

Here’s the gearbox back in:

And the engine back in:

After a test run it turned out it didn’t matter a thing for the cooling. Apperently a 10% in waterpump speed doesn’t matter.
But, this drives a lot better. The engine pulls and revs better. The downside is that the cluth operates a little heavier now.

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