Placing header tank & coolant hoses

Yesterday (6-10-2006) I went shopping at the autoparts store and some junkyards, and bought me this:

From left to right: 15 and 8 mm hose with clamps, corners and T-pieces. Two bleeding screws from two old peugeot 205’ers, a 15-8-15 mm T piece from an Alfa Romeo 33 and a heater hose valve form a Honda Civic ( I think..). I intent to use the two bleeding screws for the heater matrix under the rear seat. I am not sure yet if I’m going to use the heater hose valve. I am thinking of using it as a winter/summer switch. I am afraid the heater matrix will deliver heat even when the fan is not on.


I also connect the engine-part of the heater lines, I am routing them along the right side of the car. Because of that I had to guide hose that goes on thermostat to the right. I did this by using the 15 mm corners:

Here is also a 15-8-15 mm T-piece in it. This is for the airbleed-hose that goes to the throttle body.

edit 15-10-2006: I routed the heater hoses along from the right side of the engine, crossing over the gearbox to the old left warm-air inlet:

The bracket will keep the hose from hitting the gearbox.

Here the hoses enter the cabin through the left old hot air channel. The aluminium piece is a heat-shield which will shield the gas-filter from getting hot from the hoses.

The heater is connected. I put two air-bleed screws in the hoses. These are a high point in the system so I must be able to bleed the air out of it. I also placed a valve in the feed-line, it’s hard to see in the picture because it is partially hidden by the other heater hose. I want to connect the valve via a bowden cable to the original VW beetle heater lever.

edit 18-10-2006:
I connected the heater valve to the original left heater-lever (one of the two next to the emergency brake handle). I connected a piece of bowden cable from the Alfa heater system to the original cable:

Yeah, it’s a fussy picture. It’s the place where the bowden cable exits under the back seat. On the right is the Alfa cable. The outer cables are joined together by a strip of aluminium attached with some fuel hose clamps. The inner cables are joined by a little thingy with screws….( I don’t know how to call it….)

That cable leeds to the valve:

Now I can adjust the amount of hot water that goes to the heater matrix while driving.

edit 02-02-2006:I have a header tank from a Volvo 440, this header tank is nicely square and flat. I wanted to place the header tank as high as possible, because it should be the high point in the system. Because I have added the rear parcel shelf space to the engine room, I have enough space to place the header tank. It sits in the right front corner of the box:

I had to make a bracket for it, that has yet to be painted in these pictures. The tank is hardly noticeable when seen from behind:

This Volvo header tank didn’t have a 8 mm connection under the waterline. So I put a T-piece in the 15 mm fill hose, the breather line will be connected to the T-piece.

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