edit 11-05-2006:Installed in the car:

I sealed the seams with white sealant.

I still have to do the wiring (have to find a switch for it), add a duct for the right side and do the plumbing to lead the coolant to the heater.

edit 10-06-2006:Finished the wiring of the heater:

I had to route 7 wires from under the back seat to the dashboard. 3 of them are for the heater, the other 4 are for the fuel pump, water-temp, overheating-indicator-light and radiator-fan-on-indicator light.

In the dashboard, I installed a 3 speed switch from a 1987 Daihatsu Cuore (of course…):

The wiring of the heater and switch can be found in the wiring diagram I made.

I still have to get me a hose for the hot air from the heater-box to the right side heat-vent. And connect the coolant hoses, of course.

edit 28-01-2007: Installed the hose between the heater box and the right side heat-vent:

I tested the blower, and there was quite a lot of air coming out of the right side heat-vent, almost just as much as the left one.

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