Basic Maintenance

Things done:

  • change spark plugs (NGK V-line)
  • change alternator belt
  • re-oil K&N air filter
  • change oil
  • change oil filter
  • new distribution belts
  • new distribution belt tensioners


edit 16-03-2009: I changed the distribution belts and tensioners today. The parts:

Two Gates belts and two SKF tensioners.

Removed the rear decklid:

The rear apron:

Removed sparkplugs, pulled the flywheel cap, removed intake elbow, alternator belt and the distribution covers:

Set the right markings on the flywheel while cylinder one was at a compression stroke, and then removed the waterpump pully. After that I could remove the belts and tensioners.

Put the new tenstioners on. And then, using the instructions of my Alfa workshop manual, put the new belts on:

All the engine parts back on:

And (ignoring the missing rear decklid), done!:

It took me about 3 hours.

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