Rear Engine / Muffler Support

Allthough I have extra strong transmission mounts, I thought it would be wise to add a rear engine mount. The Alfa engine allready has a silent block in the area behind the pully. I bought a 1 metre long 2 by 2 centimeter bar which I am going to use as rear engine brace. The bar didn’t fit between the exhaust and the silent block, so I had to notch it. I welded a 3 by 16 centimeter 6 mm thick plate in it to get the strength back and it is a nice point on which the silent block will rest.

This is it on the car.

Now I have to create brackets on each side in the wheel well that will hold this bar.

edit 28-03-2007: The left bracket is almost finished. I want to bolt the engine brace bar to the bracket with a long bolt, so it will “hang” under the bracket. That way I can adjust the pre-tension of the brace.

I also want to weld a small bracket to this bracket for supporting the rear apron.

edit 10-04-2007: I finished the left and right brackets. The right one is the most complicated because it will also function as a bracket for the silencer.

The two rusty metal strips are the supports for the silencer.

I secured the brace to the brackets with 10 mm threaded bar.

With the nuts I can adjust pre-tension of the engine brace.

Now I have to clean up some of the welds, and paint it.

edit 18-04-2007: Painted and installed:

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