Window Washer Switch

Micro switch

I removed the standard windshield washer system from my curved windshield 1303 beetle. Not that it wasn’t working, but I’ve got a temporary spare wheel which has a tyre that’s a lot smaller than standard. So a system based on the pressure of the spare wheel wasn’t such a good idea. I bought a windshield washer motor from a VW beetle parts shop. They also had steering columns switches which had the switch in it for the electric washer. But these were quite expensive. So, I installed a small switch in the place where normally the windshield washer fluid valve is. This page explains how I did it.

Remove the steering wheel, you’ll need a 27 mm (I think..) socket wrench. The normal socket wrenches don’t have a socket that big.

Remove the four screws and the connector under the steering column. See the red circels in the next picture:

Also disconnect the small hose that goes to the windshield washer, but first unscrew the hose from the spare wheel, otherwise you’ll be sprayed with windshield washer fluid…
If I remember correctly you can disconnect the hose from the rear of the steering column.

You’ll end up with this:


The black thing is the windshield washer fluidi valve, the little plastic thing that looks like the head of a nail activates the valve:

Remove the valve by undoing the two screws.

See the next page on installing a micro switch.


  1. Wow Great Job ..i was wondering if this concept would work.. perfect job and thanks alot for sharing. how is it performs?

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