Gerrelt Roofspoiler: Information, price and ordering (English)

This spoiler only fits beetles with a rear window that’s 44 cm high. It’s often hard to tell by year what kind of rear window is used. So, you will have to measure your rear window. See pictures below on how to measure your rear window.
It’s made of glassfiber, so durable and easy to paint. It’s hold on by the rear window rubber and with a little bit of sealant on the inside, and it comes with an instruction manual.
The spoiler is delivered in black gelcoat, which has to be painted. This is easily done with a rattle can matte black.

The price: 90 euros without shipping.
For current shipping costs, see (the package is lighter then 2 kg, size is: 100 x 50 x 50 cm):

For shipping cost to the rest of the world, or for more info or ordering: e-mail me


This is how you should measure it:

How to measure 1

How to measure 2

And for reference, the measurements from the top of the window rubber:

How to measure 3


  1. We are interested in ordering one of these. We should probably try and do it before there is a possibility of Brexit happening. Could you please give me a price for postage to the UK. We live in York YO32 3EY. Thanks, Christopher Murray

  2. Hi, I’m interested in ordering from Sydney in Australia. Can you please send me the details. best, Mark

  3. Hi,I’m interested in ordering your window spoiler.I am from Croatia and can you send me details.
    Best wishes,Goran.

  4. Hey there! I’d like to buy one of these, I sent an email but it looks like it’s better to reach out here. What would shipping be to Seattle Washington?

  5. Hi Gerrelt, great work on the bug.

    Interested in purchasing a spoiler, delivery to UK. Can you drop me a line please?


  6. Hi Gerrit,
    Ik heb interesse in uw spoiler. Kunt u me een link sturen aub ?
    Bent u tevens zinnens om de windgeleiders aan de dakgoot ook te commercialiseren ? Zo ja, ik heb tevens interesse.

  7. Hi Geereld,
    It looks nice:) I would like to buy a rear roofspoiler for my beetle 1303s (1973). Could you give me the best deal for it.
    I am from Slovenia. When I could expect you to send me and how I pay it?

    Thank you,
    Janez Korelc

  8. Hi, We’d like to order a roof spoiler for a 1980 Mexican Beetle. We live in St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles. Thanks!

  9. Hi Gerrelt,

    Hi, I would like to buy one piece of this roofspoiler for my 1303/1974.
    Not sure if it still available? If yes, hope you can help to offer the shipping to Bangkok, Thailand.

    Thanks and looking to hear from you soon.

  10. Hello!

    I’m very interested in this spoiler you are offering! Please send me more details! I live near Atlanta Georgia, USA

    Thank you,
    Tom H

  11. Hi!

    I’d like to order a rear window spoiler for my 1303s – 1973.

    Located in Bedfordshire UK, would you be able to contact me details?

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