Adapter Kit


edit 23-12-2005: I’ve got my adapter kit from DS-tuning! I picked it up today. It looks quite good. They machined a elevation to overcome the distance from the clutch to the beetle gearbox. This is the flywheel with the elevation:

From the side you can see it’s quite an beefy disk that’s mounted to the alfa flywheel:


And this is the adapter plate for mounting the Alfa engine to the beetle gearbox:


When test-mounting the adapter plate to the engine I noticed a little problem with the flywheel-sensor (the sensor that is used by the CPU for determining the ignition moments). There is not enough room anymore to install it. This sensor is mounted on the side of the engine, half on the engine, half on the gearbox (in the original alfa set-up). But if I remove a little of the adapter plate it should all work out.


edit 21-01-2006: I had cut out a piece of the adapter plate to make room for the flywheel-sensor. On these pictures you can see why I had to cut a piece out of my brand new adaper plate:


I marked the piece that had to be cut-out and cut with my grinder:


After cutting that piece, I also had to grind a little bit out of the side of the adapter plate:


Test installation on the engine:

After that I painted it with zinc-spray:

Looks nice, doesn’t it?

So, now I can start cutting up the rear end of my bug to make the engine fit….


  1. Hello gerrelt, do you know if D S tuning still sell the adapter? I also have an Alfa engine but I can’t get through to DS. Any help would be much appreciated, great website by the way!

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