Temperature-gauge, Rev-counter and Indicator lights

I made a wiring diagram to help me while wiring everything. It was a great help, instead of trying to wire it from my head (and make mistakes..) I could just look at the diagram and be sure how to do it. This is it (click on it for a bigger version):

Looks nice and simple, doesn’t it? This is how it looks in real life:

Wires and upholstery everywhere. I had to route 7 wires from back to front. Three of them were from the heater and only had to be routed from under the back seat to under the dashboard. But 4 of them had to be routed from the engine compartment to under the dash. The 4 are for fuel pump, water-temp, overheating-indicator-light and radiator-fan-on-indicator light. Lots of work, especially because I soldered all the connections and spade-plugs.

This is the finished product:

From left to right: water and oil temperature gauge, rev-counter, top yellow led: engine overheating indicator, bottom yellow led: radiator fan is on indicator, shift pattern :-), green led indicating power to the fuel pump, clock.

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