Reducing Windnoise / Raingutter Fillers

VW beetle A pillar deflector

I’ve made several trips now with my Alfa Romeo powered 1303 Beetle. Most of these were on the dutch highways on which I drive around 120 km/h.
Now it drives really well on these speeds, but one thing annoys me. The sound of the engine is not the loudest sound anymore, now that I’ve gone water cooled. The wind noise is very loud! And it felt like the wind noise is mainly coming from around the windshield area.

I was wondering, could things be improved in this area?
I understand I can’t change the basic design of my beetle, so it will never be as quiet as a modern car. But would smaller modifications make any difference?

I asked this question at the forum, and Ricola (well known from his site told me about raingutter fillers that are used on Porsche 911’s. These raingutter fillers are plastic pieces that can be glued in the raingutters on either side of the windshield. It is said that these things will give you around 5 km/h more top speed because of increased aerodynamics. But they also reduce wind-noise. At least, that’s what the Porsche owners say in this Pelican Forum Thread (ignore the off-topic discussion..). There I also found this excellent airflow drawing:

Porsche 911 airflow drawing


The 911 has the same raingutter filler construction as the Volkswagen beetle, so it might be applicable for beetles too.

Raingutter Fillers

These are examples of raingutter fillers on the 911:

(click on them for a bigger version)

And here are the fillers before installing:

On the next page, I’ll be testing this idea.


    • Hi Jürgen,

      I have sold a few sets, but not much. They are still a bit “experimental”, I create them out of thin plastic using my homemade vacuum former.
      They require work to get smooth too, it is not a nicely finished ready to use product.
      I don’t have any sets “in stock” currently. I sometimes create them when more people ask about it, and then I create a few sets in a batch.


      • Hi Gerrelt,
        my request is nearly 1 year ago. I am still interested (as Jeff Kritz :))
        How long is your mail list of interested guys?
        We are just in front of a new Season……
        All the best for 2017

        • Hi Jürgen,

          I see what I can do… 🙂
          I hope I will produce some this year, preferabele before the season starts of course..

          Best wishes for 2017 to you too!


    • Hi Jeff,

      I can add your e-mail to a list, then I will inform you when I make new ones (but that take quite some time..).
      A set will cost around 30 euros.


    • Hi Khalid,

      OK, I will add you to the list.
      Yes, they will allow water to pass underneath. They are hollow, and there is a hole at the top and the bottom.


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