Reducing Windnoise / Raingutter Fillers

First I made the A-pillar deflectors out of glassfiber reinforced resin, which worked quite good. But did have a home-made look to it (of course, that’s logical because it IS homemade.. 🙂 ) .  See this page on how I created them and how they looked. It worked quite well, and used it for a long time.
But then I discovered the proces called vacuum forming. In this proces, plastic is heated to a temperature to which it is flexible, and then it is pulled over a mold using vacuum. Look it up on YouTube, there lots of examples can be found.
With vacuum forming one can create nice thin plastic objects, perfecty shaped after a positive mold. This sounded perfect for creating A-pillar deflectors. The idea is to create an A-pillar deflector that can be pushed under the window rubber on one side (just like my rear window spoiler) and around the A-pillar edge on the other side.

For creating the mold, I purchased a front window frame cutout for a 1303 (super) beetle:

VW super beetle front window frame


I then cut out the A-pillars:

VW beetle A pillars


Then I filled the rain-gutter with fiber reinforced resin:

Creating the molds
(they are in a chest with a electric heater, I use it to let the fiberglas harden during winter temperatures)


Then put some filler on it to smooth it:
Smoothing the mold

And repeat the proces until you’re bored, en then repeat again.. ;-(

On the next page I will be using the molds for vacuum forming.


    • Hi Jürgen,

      I have sold a few sets, but not much. They are still a bit “experimental”, I create them out of thin plastic using my homemade vacuum former.
      They require work to get smooth too, it is not a nicely finished ready to use product.
      I don’t have any sets “in stock” currently. I sometimes create them when more people ask about it, and then I create a few sets in a batch.


      • Hi Gerrelt,
        my request is nearly 1 year ago. I am still interested (as Jeff Kritz :))
        How long is your mail list of interested guys?
        We are just in front of a new Season……
        All the best for 2017

        • Hi Jürgen,

          I see what I can do… 🙂
          I hope I will produce some this year, preferabele before the season starts of course..

          Best wishes for 2017 to you too!


      • I have been trying for the longest to purchase a rear roof spoiler and a pair of reflectors from you without success. I’m reaching out again.

    • Hi Jeff,

      I can add your e-mail to a list, then I will inform you when I make new ones (but that take quite some time..).
      A set will cost around 30 euros.


    • Hi Khalid,

      OK, I will add you to the list.
      Yes, they will allow water to pass underneath. They are hollow, and there is a hole at the top and the bottom.


  1. I would also be interested in a set of these. I already have one of your rear window spoilers. Thanks.

    • Hi Rick,

      I will add you to the list (and make a mental note to start making a batch again…).


  2. Hej Gerrelt,
    here is one more to put on your list for gutter fillers. After traveling Germany north to south and back in my VW 1303 Bubster, I feel that I am in need for some aerodynamic upgrades. Wind noise is quite bad when cruising at 160-180km/h.

    Greetings from Sweden,

    • Hi Olaf,

      I just spent an hour or so going through the excellent build thread of your Boxer Beetle. Wat a brilliant build, very nice!
      Very cool car.

      I will add you to the list, and try to make some time soon to make a batch….


  3. I’d be interested ina pair of these gutter fillers and a rear window spoiler also. Can you get in touch if you have any for sale currently?

    • Hi James,

      I am currently producing a new batch, but they will probably all be spoken for.
      Shall I put you on the list?


      • Hi, yes that would be good, but it also depends on the price including the roof spoiler.
        Maybe you could email me?

  4. Gerrelt, very cool stuff you are doing.
    I am interested in the rain gutters and rear window spoiler for ’74 Super.
    – Craig

  5. Hi Gerrelt
    I’m also interested in a set of rain gutters and a roof spoiler. Do you still sell them?

    Best regards from Germany

  6. Hi Gerrelt,
    i`ve bought a Pair ofGutters a couple of years ago from you,
    i want to install them now,
    i remember that you send me an installation guide.
    Do me favour pls, and send me the installation again.

    Thx Harry

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