edit 01-04-2007: Made two flanges, one for the motorcycle muffler and one for the 4 in 1 header:


They’re made out of a 6mm thick 10 by 20 cm steel plate, the holes in them have an aprox. 45 mm diameter.

edit 04-04-2007: Bought some shiney exhaust bits:


Four 90 degree bends, 2 metres straight pipe, a flexible piece and some suspension rubbers.

This is how I am planning to mount the silencer:


From the back of the silencer there will be a 180 degree turn, so the exhaust tubing will point to the back of the car. In the following piece of straight tubing will be the flexible piece. At the back there will be a 90 degree turn to the drivers side ot the car and then a 90 degree turn towards to front. There it will meet the header, in the middle of the car.

edit 10-04-2007: I finished the brackets for the silencer. It is a bit hard to see in the next picture, but is is supported on three places. The original bracket is used to bear the full weigth, and a alumium strip with two attachment places is used to hold it in position. These last two are attached to the left engine brace bracket. All three attachment points are not in direct contact with the car, but it is haning on pieces of rubber to silence the vibrations.


I am quite pleased with this position. It’s not too close to the tire, and it has enough ground clearance.


And I like the way it looks.


I started on the piece of pipe from the header to the silencer:



edit 14-04-2007: This is a video of the exhaust installed loosly, it is leaking on the main 4 bolt connection. This is the second time I started the engine!:

The nuts that hold the header weren’t tightend so, it sounds just like it has no exhaust…
The engine didn’t want to rev up, only run idle. And after like 10 seconds it slowly died… The fuel pump is making a lot of noise, so I suspect it’s worn. I am going to try another fuel pump.

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