edit 28-10-2007: The rubber I used to hang the motorcycle muffler with started to tear:


I replaced it and used 4 square pieces of iron to clamp it:


This way the forces are spread along the rubber, and hopefully it will not start to tear anymore.

edit 16-03-2009: Well, the rubber strap didn’t hold. I was glad I added a piece of safety wire so the muffler was still hanging from that.


I have to find an alternative for these rubber straps. Because I wanted to fix it, I used a piece of old distribution belt to create a new strap. It’s just a small piece folded together in which I drilled two 8 mm holes.


Distribution belts almost don’t stretch, and they have to withstand high temperatures, so I hope this will work for a while. To be sure I added a safety wire again.

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