Kamei Front Spoiler

Now, the air vents for the radiator. I used the same method as I used to create the holes in my front apron:


A hole at the top, and a hole at the bottom, and then use a jigsaw to cut out the material in between.
Which resulted in this:


That method applied to my spoiler resulted into this:


From a little distance, and standing-up viewing angle:

I am pleased with the way it turned out, I like the looks. And it didn’t weaken the spoiler much.
But you shouldn’t apply too much force to the backside of the “grill”, that might brake the ABS plastic.

The brackets still need some tidying up and paint.


  1. Hi Friend
    Regarding your work with the Kamei. How did you solve your problem and what was the end result? Must do the same with my beetle.
    Thanx and good luck.

    • Hi William,

      Which problem doe you mean? The problem of a “light” front end with highway speeds? Yes, the spoiler solved it. It now feels really stable at 130 km/h.


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