Kamei Front Spoiler

Update 01-11-2009: Because the towing eyelet wasn’t reachable anymore with the spoiler on, I had to create a different one.

I bought this removable towing eyelet from a Porsche 924:

I then welded it to a 0.5 cm thick piece of iron. I also drilled some holes in it and welded two nuts behind the holes. Now I can screw it on to the towing eyelet I allready had.

After that I disassembled the spoiler and brackets. I cleaned up the brackets (I rounded the ends of the brackets with an angle grinder) and painted the brackets:

On this picture you also see the bottom deflector plate. It closes the area between the underside of the spoiler and the underside of the radiator.

I used hammerite, which is my favorite paint for not-visible brackets. But with hammerite you have to follow the rules on the can, which I normally do. One of the rules is “don’t use it with temps under 10 degrees celsius”. Well, it was above 10 degrees when I started painting, but when the evening came (i started in the afternoon), temps dropped below 10… Which resulted in a crappy paintjob, somehow it dried leaving a strange surface. But hey, the paint is on, and it will probably not rust. 🙂


  1. Hi Friend
    Regarding your work with the Kamei. How did you solve your problem and what was the end result? Must do the same with my beetle.
    Thanx and good luck.

    • Hi William,

      Which problem doe you mean? The problem of a “light” front end with highway speeds? Yes, the spoiler solved it. It now feels really stable at 130 km/h.


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