Kamei Front Spoiler

The holes in the spoiler, which were used by a previous owner, are now filled with glassfiber reinforced filler. After that I smoothed it with normal filler. And I made an extra hole for the towing eyelet.

After that I sanded it, here it is ready for paint:

Ready for paint rear
Ready for paint front


Rattle can painted, flat black:

Painted rear
Painted front


Before painting I made a picture of the ID plate that’s embedded in the spoiler:

ID plate

(click on it for a bigger version)

As you can see on the ID plate, I got model number 44211. After doing some research on the internet I found out that this spoiler is actually meant for the standard beetles, and not for the 1303 beetle. But the spoiler does fit on my 1303… Maybe it fits because I made my own mounting holes.

I also found the documents that came with the Kamei spoiler if you bought one new. But these documents are for the 1302 and 1303 beetle spoiler, model number 44210. See this part of my page for the documents: LINK . There is also a nice Wind Tunnel test report with them.



  1. Hi Friend
    Regarding your work with the Kamei. How did you solve your problem and what was the end result? Must do the same with my beetle.
    Thanx and good luck.

    • Hi William,

      Which problem doe you mean? The problem of a “light” front end with highway speeds? Yes, the spoiler solved it. It now feels really stable at 130 km/h.


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