Installing Radiator

This is the plan:

The bleed line in the front is the most interesting in this picture. I want to have a long flexible line attached to the bleed point of the radiator. When filling the system I will hang this line in the air (attached to the front hood) so it will be higher then the aimed water level in the header tank. Theoretically this should bleed the air out of the radiator without spilling coolant..
When the system is filled, I will plug the bleed line and hide it somewhere around the radiator.


Now I have to cut a hole in the front and fit the radiator. But, before I could do that I had to remove the crumple zone:

This has two consequences, I have to move the horns and I have to make a new towing eyelet somewhere. These where mounted on the crumple zone. But I will attend to that later.

Now I have this space under the car:

After trying to place the radiator I discovered that there isn’t enough room for it. I will have to cut a piece out of the spare wheel well. Which is a shame, because it is in excellent shape, and I will have to find a new place for the spare wheel. I am thinking of placing it upright and attach it firmly to the strut brace, like this:

This makes it possible to cut out the front 1/3 piece of the spare wheel well and still leave enough luggage space.

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