Installing Radiator

edit 29-12-2007: Made a template for the radiator cover:

Now I can start cutting the spare wheel well.

edit 05-01-2008: I cut a piece out of the spare wheel well, and test-fitted the radiator:

The hole is too small, there is not enough room for the fans and the radiator has to be installed higher. It now sticks out too much at the bottom. I will cut a bigger hole, and cut some out of the top of the spare wheel well.
I have a new template that’s bigger (but does not include the cuts required to raise the radiator):

I am considering cutting out pieces next to the spare wheel as well. That might make it better for the hot-air to escape.

edit 05-02-2008: I made the hole a lot bigger:

I did not only cut a piece out of the spare wheel well, but also a piece of the floor around it in the front. Now the radiator fits nicely:

I had to be carefull with the return point of the radiator. It almost hit the framehead, making it impossible to put a hose on it. After raising the radiator a little it cleared the framehead with 2 centimeters:

(in this picture it looks like it is touching the framehead, but it really isn’t)

As you can see the radiator is hardly noticeable from the front:

However, the vent holes I will cut into the front apron will be noticeable… 😉

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