Installing Radiator

edit 22-03-2008:Added a mesh behind the holes in the front apron.

It’s just chickenwire on it’s side, fixed with sealant

I also made a towing eyelet:


It’s made out of a piece of 6 mm thick iron. It’s almost at the same position as where the original towing eyelet was.

edit 09-04-2008:I placed the two horns in the front wheel wells. One on the left and on on the right:

The relay for the horns is in the radiator-housing:

From the relay the wires go to the left and right wheel well. I made a ground at one of the bolts of the tunnel cover plate.

I put some pieces of rubber around the strutbrace where the spare wheel touches it.

It’s just some cut-up pieces of big rubber hose held on by some tie-wraps.

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