Installing Radiator

edit 02-03-2008: I finished the frame for the two fans:

I thought about installing the origiornal one-fan plastic frame, but it would restrict the airflow at higher speeds. And, because the room for exiting hot air is not very big, two fans are more sensible. They should push away the hot air better.

The frame is mounted with the original mounting points for the standard one fan plastic frame. These three points are hanging in rubber, which will reduce vibrations.
In the car:

Enough room for the fans. But while installing the radiator (again) I wasn’t satisfied with the clamps at the top holding the radiator. They had a tendency to slip off. I solved this by welding on an extra iron strip with is bolted to the radiator frame. Which, of course, required welding some nuts to the frame. You can barely see the clamp extensions in this picture, but the nice shiney bolts holding them down are visible:

As you might have noticed I cut out two other pieces from the spare wheel well. This will give more room for the hot air to escape, and more room for coolant pipes. But, because these pieces are out, the floor of the spare wheel well had to be reinforced, otherwise it wouldn’t hold the spare wheel. For this I welded two brackets to hold the floor. They are barely visible near the underside of the spare wheel. These brackets are bolted to the floorpan at the bottom using the holes originally meant for the crumple zone.

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